Olympiads links

Dear friends, I would like to post here the best links for olympiads which I collected

English links

Smarandache problems

20000 elementary problems

A Collection of Math-Olympiad-Problems

Liblary links of math

Problem Solving Seminar

Problem Sets of Number Theory

Mathematical Problems – Problem Solving links

Math olympiad of University of Leicester

American Mathemtics Compitions

South African Mathematics Olympiad

IUP Annual Mathematics Competition

Imo offical site of Canada

CANADA compitetions

Clay Olympiad Scholar Award

Bulgarian Mathematical Olympiad

American Regions Math League National Competitions

William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition

Some Competitions

Math Olympiad in PERU

Queensland Competitions

Dmoz mathematical liblary links

Problem of the month

Resources from UK Math Olympiads

Math propress great elementary mathematics site

Korea links

Korea math

Chinese links

China inequalities research group


Russian links

Great Russian geometry site

Great Russian problems solving site

Free Russian ebooks site

Kvant journal

Free Russian problems solving ebooks

Very great Russian olympiad ebooks library

Big ebooks library User=pass=buratino

Brazil links

Grupo Teorema de Matemática

France links


Geometry Géométrie Geometria

Gibert cubic

American Math Competitions



Canadian Math Competition

International Math Olympiad

Mrandelbrot Competition


Putnam Competition

USA Math Talent Search


Math Kangaroo



Math circle around the world

Harvard Math Circle

San Jose Math Circle

Salt Lake City Math Circle

South Alabama Math Circle

Stanford Math Circle

San Francisco Math Circle

Metroplex Math Circle

UC Davis Math Circle


Oakland/East Bay Math Circle

Mobile Math Circle

Circle for Teachers

Long Beach Math Circle

Los Angeles Math Circle

Orange County Math Circle

San Diego Math Circle

Colorado Math Circle

DC Math Circle

Florida Math Circle

Miami Math Circle

Riverbend Math Circle

The Math Circle in Boston


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